6 Reasons The Moon Landing Is A Fantasy

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On July 21, 1969, Neil Armstrong stepped onto the surface of the moon and echoed these words, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” This momentous occasion begs the question, how could NASA mysteriously land a man on the moon and broadcast the live event to 600 million people. Is this a real or a remarkable ploy? Let us do some digging shall we:

1)The American Flag is waving in space

How can you have a flag waving in a vacuum? There is no air on the moon. If there is no air, there is no wind. Is this a cover-up or what? NASA, of course, tries to debunk the question by saying they rolled up the flag for the journey. What do you think?


2)The position of the shadows are off – How many light sources do we have?

The only light source you should have on the moon is the sun. How in the world do we have the shadows pointing in different directions? The shadows should also be parallel to each other and in the picture below, they are not.


3)The stars

There are no stars, in the picture below. Who is fooling who here? Do you mean to tell me that in space, there are no stars? Shakespear said, “The fault is not in our stars, the fault is within us.” Are we that gullible to believe this horse manure fairytale?


4) The same shaped rocks in the same picture?

The likelihood of a pattern repeating in nature is next to impossible. Take a leaf from a tree, and you soon discover that to find another one like it, with the same patterns and shape is next to impossible. How then is it possible to have the same type of rocks in the picture? Don’t you find it strange? In the Apollo 15 photograph taken by NASA, there is evidence that the stones had the same patterns in the picture below. Sometimes when you try to hide the significant details, you forget the small details. In an attempt to deceive us, NASA used the same film set that has the same backdrops.


5) A rock with the letter ‘c’ carved on it

The letter “C” in the picture below shows us how sloppy the film technicians were. The film crew used it for reference. NASA said that this is a stray hair. How many stray hairs do you find in space? Preposterous!!


6) Radiation

In the quest to stop the continuous radiation, these astronauts would have needed a spaceship made from several inches of concrete, lead or steel. To do this would have rendered the ship bulky to fly. A sheet of aluminum can block beta particles, but gamma rays require several inches of lead, concrete or steel to be stopped. Now aluminum alone would only have prevented the beta particles; the spaceship was not thick enough to block the gamma particles that are present in the Electromagnetic Radiation, these astronauts would have been cooked alive.

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6 Reasons The Moon Landing Is A Fantasy

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