The Odds Of Winning The Lottery Are Against You

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Stop buying those fricking tickets!!

Some of us have the mindset of winning today and not in the future.  After all, you have to play to win.

“The odds of winning the lottery are 185,000,000 versus 1,”

You have a better chance of being struck by a lightening or being, hmm.. murdered than winning one of these golden tickets.

Think about it for a second, if you spend $5  a week playing the lotto, how much is that in 20 years.  Let us do the math 5(20 X 52) = a whopping $5200 over that period, and that is a very conservative estimation.  How much are you throwing down the drain?

The socio-economic group targeted by the lottery are those that can’t climb their way out of poverty.  The American Dream becomes all but a fantasy for people in this cluster, who collectively spend 9% of their hard earned money trying to achieve this elusive goal.  Even if you win the odds are still against you, 33% of all lottery winners end up filing for bankruptcy.  What the hell, check out this video.

“The lottery is a great investment, but only if you win.”

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The Odds Of Winning The Lottery Are Against You

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