What Happened To KFC?

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What Happened to KFC

As a seven-year-old heart would jump with joy whenever my grandparents decided to pull into the KFC, we would get a big bucket of the 11 herbs and spices green beans coastline up, Pepsi-Cola for everybody the whole 9 yards and that was incredible you couldn’t beat it, who needs Christmas when you got KFC.

20 years later KFC is not what used to be. The restaurant is consistently appalling, and Chick-fil-A overtook them, as the largest chicken chain in the US by sales. Their dreadful marketing campaign generated more anger than interest. They were at the very bottom of customer service rating in 2013 and they been steadily closing stores since 2005.

So what’s going on you might not know it, but there are five keys to the success of your average fast food.

  1. The first thing you need quick and efficient service USR Kentucky fried chicken in the middle of the pack not mediocre, not great with a mean service time of 3.39 minutes and 88.6% accuracy.
  2. The bottom line is that the food is too greasy. I want original crispy chicken is covered in oil anyway, you have the option of greasy or totally greasy, I can’t even hold on to the stuff when I needed and even if one gets a solid grip before it begins to fall apart before I can put it in my mouth. What I remember back then was when KFC was finger licking good, now I have to wash my hands in the sink because touching this result could seriously affect my health. I shouldn’t have to put on a hazmat suit and get the green light from the CDC before tackling an eight-piece bucket meal.
  3. The next category cash, if the meal is going to be messy and give me congestive heart failure at least don’t charge me an arm and a leg for a bucket of chicken, I’m at 22+ bucks plus tax for a piece is a slimy chicken. Popeyes have the same meal for cheaper.
  4. Our next point the cleanliness 6% of your restaurants are dirty or damaged 6% as the highest of any of your competitors. Most people nowadays know to stay away from the inside of KFC because of dirty bathrooms, all kinds of spilled drinks and chicken grease on the table and chairs.
  5. Stop the self-deprecating commercials geared towards people too young to remember Col. Sanders and ultimately offend those people that were eating KFC from the yester years. 

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What Happened To KFC?

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