10 Creepy Images That Will Make You Want To Unsee

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1. The River Monster

This fish has reversed roles and now has fished a human out of the river.  Now, who is the river monster?

2. The Dolphin Face Kiss Swap

Talk about being bizarre; this picture takes the cake; the dolphin becomes the human and thus relegating the enclosed human to perform silly tricks.


3. Pig Face Swap

A pig with a human face and a human with a pig face. It is bizarre to say the least, especially when science claims that we are closely related to pigs.

4. Grandma/Goose Face Swap

Don’t leave this grandma out with your geese; she will turn into one.

5.Horse And Woman Eating Carrot Face Swap

This one has a sick twist, after looking at this, you probably will be going R-E-A-L-L-Y.

6. Cat and Human Face Swap

What is this freaky Friday?


7. Evil Girl/Chicken Face Swap

8. Woman/Dog Face Swap


9. Man/Dog Face Swap

Man’s best friend just got elevated to another level.  A reversal of roles here might not be a bad idea.

10. Vintage Face Swap

You might want to unsee this one.

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10 Creepy Images That Will Make You Want To Unsee

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