The Only Resource About What Makes Us Human You Will Ever Need

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Human beings are scary; we breathe a corrosive gas, drink one of the most potent solvents, and our preferred method of hunting was persistence hunting. Or we chased animals until their bodies only gave up and died. We can eat just about anything we find, which means that we don’t need to stop for food when chasing our prey.

An impeccable body

If we can’t  find food that’s fine. Our body begins merely to eat itself so that we don’t have to stop chasing our prey. We walk upright; we sweat, we don’t have much body hair which allows us to radiate away our body heat. It means that excessive time or extreme environment of summer won’t stop our hunts.

The Fight in Us

If the animal fights back against us, we can take massive damage to our extremities and lose half our blood and still live.We owe our entire existence to persistence, endurance, and determination. When we put ourselves to a task, it gets done period. And this instinct is still affecting us today.

Not accepting defeat

332 BC: Alexander the Great hits a stalemate with the fortified Island City of Tyre. Instead of going back defeated, he builds a kilometer long bridge to raze the city.

49BC Caser, after beating the Gauls and invading  Britain turns a political fight into a Civil War by invading Italy with only a single legion. He eventually becomes dictator starting a world superpower. We recently broke his engineering feats.

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The Only Resource About What Makes Us Human You Will Ever Need

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