You Don’t Want To Get A Flat Tire On This Island Because Only Snakes Will Help You

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The Tenants Of Snake Island

If by any chance you happen to land on this beautiful island, you will notice that the only inhabitants of this isle are snakes, yes snakes. Ilha da Queimada Grande is often known as the Snake Island. This island is relatively small, and you will be impressed by the slithery inhabitants that grace the pathways of this island.This island has uneven terrain consisting of rainforest, bare rock and so forth. Should you consider visiting this island, it is relatively small in measurement. Gracing the rocky surfaces, one will take notice of the Golden Lancehead Pit Viper. These tenants that stay on a regular diet plant consists mainly of birds. 


Climate Factors

The atmosphere here at snake island is sort of harsh, and the snakes are managing to adapt to the harsh environment. The federal government is actively attempting to guard the snake inhabitants, and solely the Navy can entry the island at this specific time.



There are around 3000-4000 golden lanceheads that live on the island to date.

This island is indeed remarkable, exhibiting a wide array of these slithery creatures.  Creepy or not these animals are beautiful, and conservation is about the only was this island can thrive.



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You Don’t Want To Get A Flat Tire On This Island Because Only Snakes Will Help You

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