10 Personality Traits You Want Your Partner To Have Before Getting Into A Serious Relationship

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Are you thinking about getting into a meaningful and lasting relationship, perhaps you should consider a partner that has the following traits:

1. Your partner pays particular attention to you

Relationships are hard enough, and when finding a partner, one should seriously consider if their mate pays attention to them.  Does your mate grab your hand while you are taking a promenade or do they walk ten steps ahead of you?  These things matter when it comes to choosing the right person.  Things like noticing which ear your partner uses to answer the phone are the small things that mean a lot; they send subliminal messages that someone cares.


2. Selflessness. 

This one is a biggie; relationships are all about give-and-take, finding someone who is always a taker is a complete non-starter.  Find someone who will swim upstream to rescue you. Someone who will give you with the last piece of bread in the refrigerator or someone that will watch a romance movie on tv even if it not their thing.


3. Commitment

When two people start dating, certain things should be automatic, like changing your Facebook profile from single for instance and deleting your Tinder and other dubious accounts.  In so doing, you send a loud and clear message you are in a serious commitment, and you are no longer looking for one-night-stands.  Those other names you keep on your phone for emergency purposes should also make their way to the trash.

4. Be who you are. 

You don’t want to hear the words, “you will look cuter if you wore this shirt,” or “you could be stunning is you shave off a few pounds.” If you don’t like the way I am, see you later.  You should never have to pretend to be something you aren’t to please your partner.

5. Be young and have fun. 

Laughter is essential for any relationship because if there is no fun and laughter. Anger and resentment always replace the lack thereof.  Make sure laughter is the main component of your relationship, and you laugh at your partners silly jokes even if they aren’t funny.

6. One who takes care of you. 

You want someone to tuck you in at night and doesn’t go to bed until they know you have made it safely to your destination.  A person that will fill up your gas tank even when you didn’t ask for it.  These are some of the traits that pave the way to a good relationship.

7. One who handles conflict with maturity. 

You need someone that is not too proud to admit they were wrong, even if saying this deflates their ego. Any relationship will have its share of mistakes and how your partner handles them, is the key to success or failure in your relationship. You need someone who is more than willing to compromise even if they see things differently.  The last thing you need is to be in the middle of a shouting match yelling expletives.

8. Meeting the parents and relatives. 

If you never get to meet the parents, trust me you are not in a serious relationship.  Nothing will ever materialize from the kinship, and you are just wasting your time.  Meeting the parents is a sign of acceptance from your partner and that your companion is more than comfortable with you.

9. Vulnerable in your presence.

Someone who isn’t fearful of their moods and is comfortable with you watching them cry. This person never holds anything back from you, because they feel safe around you and trust you implicitly.


10. Love  

Make sure you get with someone that doesn’t hurt you, someone that doesn’t keep a record of wrongs, someone that is willing to do anything for you, someone that doesn’t mock you or is embarrassed by you.




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10 Personality Traits You Want Your Partner To Have Before Getting Into A Serious Relationship

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