The Most Audacious Heists And Robberies Ever Recorded

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From Saddam Hussein to the Russians robbing the US elections, we look at the seven most audacious heists ever recorded.


Hatton Garden Jewelry Robbery

In March 2016 seven men with a combined age of 443 years were sentenced at the Old Bailey for breaking into a Hatton Garden security deposit vault in one of the most audacious heists in living memory.

Masterminded by Brian Reader, 76, with other career thieves, was implicated previously in the decades of London heists, the robbers used an elevator shaft to get close to the secure underground room, then drilled through the vault.

These audacious thieves got away with more than $300,000,000 of stolen jewelry.

The Boston Museum Heist

Reuters/Jim Bourg

Presumably responding to a disturbance call, two men dressed as law enforcement officers gained entry to the Museum in Boston.

After overcoming the guards, they plundered the area and made it off with over half a billion dollars – This undoubtedly is the most valuable theft of private property ever. Among the stolen pieces were a Rembrandt, many Degas drawings and one of the thirty-four known Vermeers.

Nobody was ever apprehended, and the unrecovered stolen pieces whereabouts remain a mystery.

Crown Jewels Robbery

Getty Images

In 1671, Anglo-Irish adventurer Colonel Thomas Blood disguised as a priest, accompanied by a prostitute posing as his wife.After multiple visits, Blood assured the Master to let him accompanied by three accomplices into the jewel vault.

He then battered and bound him, cut the royal scepter in half and smashed St Edward’s Crown with a mallet.  This incident all happened while one of them hid the Royal Orb in his pants.

In a somewhat turbulent escape, he dropped the wand, shot one of the guards. Colonel Blood was apprehended. The king pardoned the old scoundrel – and even gave him some land in Ireland.

Russian Hackers

Russians are a force to be reckoned with, even before they influenced the US elections, between the period of 2014 to 2016 they made off with a large sum of money totaling over $800,000,000. They developed an elaborate scheme that would target webcams and CCTV’s in banks all over the world, by doing this they studied the routines and the bank operations enabling them to transfer money into fake accounts.  They even programmed the ATM’s to dispense cash at certain times.
These crimes went on through the world, and these conniving bastards are still at large.  Rumour has it that this same gang had a prominent role to play in the 2016 U.S. elections, if the rumor is true, then this might be their most significant heist to date.

The Pink Panthers

These four Machiavellian crooks dressed as women and stormed a jewelry shop in Paris. After backing everyone into a corner, they shattered the display cabinets and fled with an assessed value of $115,000,000 in stolen diamonds.

In 2003, a similar heist happened when a man believed to be a member of the Pink Panther gang, wearing nothing but a baseball cap and a scarf over his face. He made his way into the Leviev diamond house in the Cannes Carlton Hotel and made off with $149,000,000. This robbery undoubtedly became the most substantial single jewelry heist of all time.


Wilcox Train Robbery

This crime took place near Wilcox Wyoming when a gang of unscrupulous train robbers hijacked a train before it crossed a bridge.  They carefully dismounted the locomotive from its carriages and had the engine cross the bridge as they dynamited the bridge.

They got hold of the safe and opened it using a stick of dynamite and escaped on horseback with more than $50,000, which in today’s currency would be $7,000,000.


Qusay Hussein

Before the coalition forces stormed Iraq in 2003, Quasay had delivered a note from Saddam Hussein asking for the withdrawal of all the money in the Central Bank.  Qusay then removed about $1 billion, in strongboxes and the whole operation was carried out in three trucks.

Later when the coalition forces captured Iraq, only $650 million was recovered, and a third of this money disappeared into thin air.  This robbery without a doubt is the most significant bank heist of all time.



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The Most Audacious Heists And Robberies Ever Recorded

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