Creepy South Park Predictions That Will Leave You Breathless

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1. When South Park predicted the rise and fall of Miley Cyrus

In a South Park episode Britney’s New Look, a news anchorman accurately prognosticated that Miley one day would become a major star, and perhaps be the next Britney, before her career went down the toilet.

The whole thing was eerily shocking except for the part where Britney blew her head off. They never predicted the Miley Cyrus twerking incident though.

2. The Carnival Cruise Line feces disaster

A major fire on Carnival Cruise meant everything went to shit; toilets couldn’t flush as well as other health and safety codes. In 2010, South Park piece aired a the cruise line incident, a whopping three years before it happened.

3. The Assassination of Bin Laden

In the show, Osama got shot in the head by a Commando. Osama Bin Laden died eight months later, after being shot in the forehead by a Navy SEAL.

4. The Confederate Flag controversy

In Season 4, the residents of South Park debated changing their flag because it was racist. Last year, America finally banned the Confederate flag.

5. Brokeback Mountain

Eight Years before Brokeback Mountain got written in 1997,  the South Park episode Chef’s Salty Chocolate Balls, the characters casually talk about how independent their movies are.
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Creepy South Park Predictions That Will Leave You Breathless

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